Whoa, dude.

Did you ever kind of forget about something for a little while? Yeah, me too and for the past little while I totally forgot that I even had a blog, which is crazy because I love to write.
Anyhoo, life's been, uh, life and my new job keeps me pretty busy and I would share more with you but I signed a confidentiality agreement and can't discuss patients but believe you me when I tell you some of the things I see are fascinating... and sad... and even sometimes miraculous.
I have been thinking of going to visit Matt in South Africa but it's really expensive to just fly there, also what the hell do I do there once I get there? Just stay at his place waiting for him to return from work to show me the sights? Whatever.

Maybe Italy, at least there I could visit the museums and see all the architecture I actually studied in school.

... Now if I could only find an Italian friend. Hmmm.


Hey, remember when I said...

... That I got a new job and would be posting more? Well, I think literally five minutes after I posted that I got a call offering me a new new job so I left the one I was at and started a new new one in August. It's great and I like it lots but it's pretty busy (I now work at the MHN ICU) and I never really have time for anything except for a quick gmail check. I do check my Facebook at home and on my cell occasionally and I am a little addicted to that because it's a quick way to stay in touch with everyone. Look me up if your on there and then we can catch up more often. I don't know how much I will be able to update this blog but I will try.


Hello you, it's been awhile.

I'm fine, by the way, thanks for asking.
I finally have a job where I can update this blog. There's so much I have to tell you... But it's going to have to wait until I get back to work.


The Southern Vampire Mysteries

Before last year I had no idea that these books existed but now thanks to True Blood I am fully immersed in that world. I wasn't too sure I wanted to get involved in another vampire book after the whole Anne Rice debacle of my youth but these books are so much more than just vampires. It's a whole other supernatural world and they're funny, which if I recall correctly, the Anne Rice novels were not. I am not really sure, it's been awhile since I've read those books. Also, if you're a big Twilight fan these books may not be for you as they're for grown ups only because as there is plenty of humor in the book but there's also sex and violence so it's not G-rated fare.
A note of warning regarding the books and the show to those who are interested, although many of the characters are the same the show tends to view the books as more of a starting off point rather than doctrine so things are changed.

I Love You Adidas

I know, right? Sportswear? Whatever.
However, I came across the site through an article that I was reading and damn, I thought I would share it with you, whoever the hell you are out there.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to share with you the Adidas Super 14 Jersey Swap!

Go there and enjoy, there's even a slow mo button.



OMIGOSH! The new season on True Blood starts on Sunday and I am so frickin' psyched because it's, like, the best. show. ever. Sometimes I hate HBO because they do weird short seasons and then there is nothing forever but in this case it is not so. Phew! Remember when Deadwood was on and then nothing happened and then BOOOM, a new season? Or when Carnivale was on and then they decided to do two half seasons that culminated into the final battle between Ben and Brother Justin and then the bitches cancelled it? My heart still hurts as I liked that show, it was interesting and sometimes creepy.

Anyhoo, TRUE BLOOD on HBO Sunday evening. Watch it. Be it. Live it.

Whatever, bitches.

You know what's wonderful about blogging? Telling people you hate them without naming names because THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE. Blogging lets you funnel the rage into semi-coherent sentences.
I know you can hear me, so STOP IGNORING ME.


Blah blah blah

Just checking in to tell everyone that I am still alive.

So, I'm still alive and it's June 1st AND the weather is getting better in Montreal. Finally. I haven't been up to much 'cept for working and watching streaming rugby on the computer. Life is full. Also, I got my cheques from the government... again finally. Those bastards owed me money. 'Bout time someone gave me money for being me. I am going to save some because I needs to have some sort of savings but I also bought myself a brand new Zune mp3 player and I likes it. It's different from the iPod but that's ok, I am getting used to the interface and it's nice to have all my 900 songs on standby for when I need them 'cause sometimes you just gotta groove, you know what I mean?
I have scouring the web in search for new exciting moosic and then downloading them but I seem to have hit a roadblock and can't, for the life of me, think of any new songs. Anyone have any ideas?
Since I have no telly I have also been downloadin' movies and shows (shush, don't narc on me) and I have pretty much seen all the new movies out there. I recommend Star Trek and Up, those were good.
Work is, uh, work. Nothing new there and I spend most of me evenings rereading books, right now it's The Fellowship of the Rings, I tried The Silmarillion but gave up caring because it's so dense. Seriously, it's like the Bible, Aragorn who was son of Arathorn who was son of someone, who was the son of someone else... Damn. The Fellowship is good though, although in rereading it I lament the loss of some of it in the Peter Jackson movie. Ya know, Tom Bombadil and stuff... He was awesome.
I have also been surfing the dubya and discovered that Ruma (my middle name) is Indian for "Vedic Hymn". Lyndy is nowhere to be found and I think I am going to add it into name databases and think up a meaning for it all on my own.



I am at work right now and before you go thinking that I am slacking on the job let me just inform you that I have done all my work for the evening and it is 6:30pm. It is going to be a loooong night and I think I have been counting down the minutes until 10pm since I arrived here at 2pm. As a "very important" member of the laboratory staff I am given the job of hanging around here all evening waiting until blood samples come in from the floors and from various hospitals whereupon I very importantly log them into our computer system. And then I sit down and surf the Internet.
Now, in our current tough economic times I am not complaining about my job, for the most part I do like it quite alot. I pretty much get to do what I want and I work alone for the most part of the evening and that suits my loner personality but sometimes (just sometimes!) I do feel as though I need a job that challenges me, 'cause this one does not. At all. Oh well, money is money and I can still (sorta) afford to live on my own and have some stuff that I want when I want it.